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A Return of Sorts
2005-02-10 � 7:35 p.m.


Hello? Is this thing on?

I see that it has been nearly a year since I posted any words here. Not my longest absence I don't think, but certainly close. (I could check — the evidence is merely a click away...but just because I haven't posted in a year doesn't mean I have changed; I am still a lazy bastard.) My nifty gold membership expired and so all my lame images were missing, my Burning Man countdown script was broken...things basically had fallen into disrepair here at Temek Central.

So why have I returned after such an extended absence? What life-changing event has casued me to revisit my online home of so many years and tears?

Maybe the better question would be, "Why did you leave?"

Unfortunately I don't have an answer either way. I "left." Now I am "back." Things are transient. Have you learned nothing from me by now?

The last year or so went something like this: lost job, was unemployed and happy, got new job with only a small lessening of happiness, attended Burning Man, went through the predictable holiday nonsense, the year turned, and here I am.

Is that it? Essentially. Was there more? Not worth mentioning, except for some of it, most of which I cannot remember anyway.

*dusts off hands*

Do you feel caught up now? (I wish I did.)

There are some things though, that are probably worth mentioning. I may even do so at some point in the future. Maybe.

I guess the biggest thing that has happened to me is this. (Please try to ignore my hideousness.)

Her name is Sarah. She is the most fabulous fabulous thing to have ever been spawned upon this dismall dustball. She makes me go squishy inside. You may find her here — hopefully she won't mind me linking that.

I think I'm gonna go see her right now.


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